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Amanet Red Light Changer motorcycle products for sale Motorcycle gear from our webshop partners:
Amanet Red Light Changer

Amanet Red Light Changer Accessories is available for sale from our partner CycleGear. Click the purchase link or picture to display further product information and possibly buy the Amanet Red Light Changer.

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Amanet Red Light Changer pictures
Amanet Red Light Changer
Amanet Red Light Changer The end to excessive waiting at red lights. When mounted at the bottom of the motorcycle, the RLC-40, sends out a strong magnetic flux field, causing the sensor to see the motorcycle as a large steel vehicle, inducing a signal in the pavement sensor loops, thereby triggering the traffic light to turn green. Features: Works with and can be installed on all motorcycles Ends excessive waiting at red lights Legal in all states and countries Uses no power Powerful adhesive backing for easy installation How does it work The RLC-40 is a specially designed device which uses an extremely strong, patented neodymium-boron-iron magnet to make a motorcycle visible to the traffic-sensor loops imbedded in the pavement at most traffic light intersections. These wire loops act like metal detectors and are designed to sense the metallic mass in an approaching vehicle, and to signal the traffic light to change from red to green, after a short delay. Unfortunately, most motorcycles don't have enough metal to set off the sensors, so the light doesn't see the motorcycle waiting at the red light. Is the RLC-40 Red Light Changer legal Yes, in all states. That's because this is a passive device, which means that it changes a light only when it fails to detect the presence of a motorcycle. It is not a MIRT device, to be used only by emergency vehicles. MIRT devices are not legal for the public to use. However, the RLC-40 is also currently being used by many police departments for their motorcycles. Will the RLC-40 Red Light Changer fit my motorcycle Yes, it will fit any motorcycle. It's easily mounted with a special industrial adhesive disc, which will bond with the mounting surface. It can even be mounted to bicycles and autos, as long as there's a flat, clean 1-inch diameter surface, aiming at the pavement.

Price: $ 26.95
Purchase item 424414 Amanet Red Light Changer from CycleGear

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